The FMD Application for your business

The new EU Falsified Medicine Directive 2011/62/EU went live on 9 February 2019. Since then, all prescription medicines must be authenticated prior to delivery to patients. The introduction of this directive affects all manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies. With our web application adapted to your company, you can use you a Scanner to verify the status of packages, change them and reactivate inactive packages.

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Stand-alone solution

Our application works autonomously and independently of other systems or software. Interfaces to existing systems are possible on request.


All in one device

Via the included scanner all scan functions can be executed. Verification, status change or reactivation of packages are possbile. Fast and easy in a row.


Scan Protocol

Every process is recorded for the purpose of traceability. Results can be filtered and exported. The protocol is called via any web browser.

Email Notifications | Bulk scanning | Comment function | User and permissions Management | Any number of devices


Verification | Status change | Reactivation

The desired function is selected on the scanner. Now, many packages can be scanned directly one after another (bulk mode). Each process and its result are displayed within seconds. For inactive packages or errors, the user receives a pop-up message on the display. This message must be confirmed before proceeding. In addition, an email can be set up to notify the quality manager.

The history of all scan records (scan protocol) can be viewed in the system and exported to MS Excel. Different permissions can be assigned to user groups. Thus, e.g. the "reactivation” function can only be executed by QM, while "verification" can be used by every employee.


  • Application for package verification, change and reactivation

  • Scanner incl. docking station & service

  • History of all scanned records for traceability (scan protcol)

  • Email notifications

  • User & permission management

  • Stand-alone solution* (independent of other systems)

  • Connection to the national hub

  • Your data stays in your company**

* Interface to your system possible on request

** when hosting on company-owned server

We provide you with scanners! (e.g.    Datalogic   )

We provide you with scanners! (e.g. Datalogic)



What do you need to start with our FMD application?


Stable internet connection

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Server or virtual machine (VM) for hosting the application - so that you stay master of your data!*

* on request we can take care of the hosting


Certificate for connecting to your national hub

(see your countries’ National Medicines Verification Organisation here)

More general information about the EU FMD: website of the European Medicines Verification Organisation

Do you need a Warehouse Management System including FMD functionality?