High-Level Warehouse Management 

As one of the leading suppliers of transport and logistics services in the fields of automotive, retail, two-wheeled vehicles and electronics, GEFCO manages the warehouse for a French automobile manufacturer. For this purpose GEFCO decides to equip the respective new warehouse with a tailored and user-friendly Warehouse Management System of WERKSREVOLUTION.



PLANT: Bratislava, Slovakia

ROLE: consignment stock - management of customer's warehouse operations

 PERFORMANCE: turnover of 2,000 pallets / day

WORKFORCE: 900 employees

Problem Türkis.png

The starting situation

Highest Demands on a new warehouse

For the supply of a French automobile manufacturer GEFCO opens a new warehouse, which – in combination with a WMS – has to meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum optimization of warehouse area utilization

  • Turnover of 2,000 pallets per day

  • Order picking of goods using FIFO method

  • Possibility to occupy one position with approx. 10-20 pallets of the same good

  • Ensure traceability of each pallet

  • Quality insurance of process coverage

Progress Türkis.png

The implementation

Development of a customfit solution

Together with GEFCO a simple and user-friendly WMS was developed, that perfectly fits to the customer's needs:

  • Position recommendation to the warehouse keeper based on the actual volume of material in the positions
  • Operator navigation for both loading and unloading
  • All movements handled with barcode readers
  • Simple & intuitive user interface
  • Online stock report

Reports Türkis.png

The result

Implementation of the solution 6 weeks after receipt of order

Only six weeks after the receipt of the order the new system is implemented and seamlessly used from the beginning. The new system provides the following benefits for GEFCO:

  • Ensuring of in-time production line supply
  • Effective use of human resources and error minimization
  • Quick and seamless staff training
  • Process transparency
We appreciate the collaboration with M2M Solutions/WERKSREVOLUTION as they have been able to deliver a full-fledged solution for our warehouse in a short time, tailored to our needs, and have been very creative in developing the system and solving incidents that have been associated with it.
— Zuzana Tryznová, Country CPSA Manager @GEFCO SK