Connect our solutions with your existing systems. Besides interfaces out-of-the-box, we also develop customized interfaces.

Integral part of our IoT Platform is full featured integration platform from WSO2, which opens up almost endless possibilities for system integration scenarios. The system features out-of-the-box connectors to existing 3rd party systems (SAP, MS Power BI, JIRA, …), comprehensive API governance, and easy payload/protocol manipulation (TCP, HTTP, REST, SOAP, TLV, …).


IoT Platform

Our IoT Platform core design principles are to provide a secure and industrial hardened solution, while focusing on practical synergies between IoT and Industry 4.0. Our solution makes it easy to combine and scale the solutions and integrate them into the environment of our customers (incl. third-party solutions).


End-to-end encryption of your data flows with Two-Way SSL authentication to allow only certified devices to connect. Creating security perimeters with its autonomous intelligence, and fault tolerant and distributed communication processing.


Whole life-cycle management of devices (things) and their configuration will help you to create the digital twins within your operations. Two layers of device abstraction for easy logical configuration portability in case of device swap or hardware upgrade.

Interoperability of our solutions thanks to IoT Platform