General Questions


How does pickFinder work?

Our rethought Pick-to-Light solution guides the picker safely and simply through the picking process. It calls up picking lists from the customer’s ERP/WMS and visualizes them in different colors on LED strips above the boxes. Each color stands for one single order, the quantity of LEDs for the amount to be picked. This makes multi-order-picking possible. The picker’s grab into the box is detected by the system, the pick is automatically confirmed and the order status is updated (LED above the box dims, pick is registered in the system). The picker puts the part on the same-colored area on the picking trolley. After all current orders are completed, new orders can be retrieved.

Do I need new containers?

No. The design of pickFinder allows the adjustment to your container sizes. It supports widths from 7cm up to 9.80m. Therefore pickFinder is suitable for small and large boxes and even for pallets – it’s your choice!

Do I need special racks?

No. pickFinder is rack-independent and moreover designed space-saving. With the aid of clamps pickFinder (LED strips & sensor) is easily installed on your existing racks.

You are still looking for custom-fit racks? NeoLog could be the place for you.

Is it possible to use pickFinder with (hand) scanners, too?

Yes. Besides sensors, pickFinder can also be used with (hand) scanners. The orders are displayed via the colored LEDs. The pick is confirmed via scanning the label.

What temperature range is suitable for pickFinder?

pickFinder operates reliably from -25 to +80 °C. Therefore it is well-suited for the use in refrigerated warehouses.

More information required?

We are pleased to send you more information on our Pick-to-Light system. We will get in touch with you right away and non-binding.