Features in Detail

Reliable Process Control

Our Pick-/Put-to-Light System visually guides the picker via light signals through the picking process. Therefore, the respective boxes can be found quickly and easily and the quantity to be picked is visible immediately. The simplicity of the process leads to shorter training times, fatigue-free working and a higher quality due to less picking errors.

2017-10-30 (20).png

Moreover, the design of the picking process is flexible: our system is able to implement either sequential or multi-order-picking. In case of sequential picking, it guides the picker step by step and straight through the process. The high process reliability then leads to higher quality. Multi-order-picking is possible as pickFinder displays different colored LEDs at the racks. The number of LEDs stands for the quantity to be picked. The productivity can be increased significantly when processing up to 8 orders at the same time.


Automatic Picking Confirmation

The horizontally mounted sensor registers every pick and confirms it automatically. Therefore, no additional process step (scanning/button press) is necessary and the picker has both hands free. The pick is visualized by dimming the respective LED. In the system the pick is registered, too. Order lists and stocks are up to date. So, a real-time overview of order status and stock is always available. If a worker picks from a wrong box, this is shown immediately on the LED strip and a reaction by the picker is possible. Due to the possibility of a subsequent correction the stocks in the boxes can be adjusted.


Gesture Control

pickFinder provides the opportunity to directly interact with the system via the sensor. Up to six different functions are possible – respresented by various colors. The gesture control can be implemented and changed subsequently without any hardware modifications. Via gestures the picker can for example cancel an order, report stock shortage, request replenishment or pause a box (e.g. for replenishment).


Smart Racks

pickFinder makes racks smart. Our IoT device enables real-time data collection related to all operations during the picking process. Thereby it is, inter alia, possible to optimize the pickers’ routes. Material can no longer run out due to automatic re-ordering. The job’s actual status is always visible and subsequent processes can be better coordinated. And the best thing: the data belongs to the customer and he decides, how to use them.



One horizontal sensor monitors an entire racking level. It can be divided in segments of any width and therefore fits to any shopfloor. As the sensor range is 9.80m, it is possible to use small and big load carriers or even pallets. The width of the segments can be adjusted independently at any time – either via gestures at the rack itself or via parameters on the user interface. This is why even subsequent changes can be implemented easily. The system can grow as the company does – without requiring hardware modifications.


Real-time Reports

The collection of data creates a transparent picking process. Retrieve reports on operations, stock or key figures at any time via the web application. As data is collected in real time, timely recognition of malfunctions and a reaction to it are feasible. So, e.g. data on frequently picked parts can be used to optimize the shopfloor’s ergonomics. The impact can be tracked by the comparison of actual data and planned data. In that way, the picking process will be improved step by step.