pickFinder is a visual assistance system that guides the picker safe and simple through the picking process. The picks are confirmed automatically. Due to the customizable software, the process can be defined due to specific needs. It is possible to either use single- or multi-order-picking. Moreover, functions via gesture control can be implemented. The digital mapping of the process creates transparency and opportunities for process enhancements.

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Execute multiple orders at the same time. Improve the efficiency of your operations and shorten the paths of your pickers on the shopfloor.

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Autom. Picking Confirmation

Don’t give any space for errors. pickFinder automatically detects each pick and reports the stock change to your WMS – as well as picking errors.


Gesture Control

Via gestures functions can be executed directly on the rack – without any device. Choose and change your functions to be implemented freely due to your individual needs!


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Thanks to the underlying software the system is adjustable to changing requirements. Container sizes, layout, gestures etc. can be subsequently changed without hardware modifications.