PickFinder Scale

The visual assistance system pickFinder Scale functions with a industrial scale as an input device. This solution suits perfectly for small parts in bigger amounts as well as bulk material. Like every Pick-by-Light system, light signals navigate the worker to the location. The scale is used to confirm the pick, which checks the weight and displays the difference to the amount needed.


Visual Navigation

With the help of the LED stripes the worker always knows where to go and what to do. Precious travel and search time lapse completely.


Bulk material

The use of an industrial scale enables accurate picks to the gram and therefore suits perfectly for bulk material.


Well Combinable

Available in combination with other confirmation options! E.g. if you need to pick high variations of amounts or piece goods and bulk material at the same time.



High security

The documentation of the order processing appropriate to the gram can be used for quality assurance.


 Features pickFinder Scale

These are the special features of pickFinder Scale:


BASIC Features pickfinder:

Technical Details:

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