PickFinder Scanner

The visual assistance system pickFinder Scanner works, like every Pick-by-Light solution, with light stripes for pickers’ navigation. A scanner device is used to confirm picks. This offers you huge benefits in terms of use cases and picking quality.


Visual Navigation

With the help of the LED stripes the worker always knows where to go and what to do. Precious travel and search time lapse completely.

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Arbitrary articles

By confirmation via scan materials can have almost every size and amounts. Big or unwieldy materials can also be picked easily, as well as big amounts.


POP-UP messages

Scanners with display provide the opportunity to populate specialties of materials in the system and call the picker’s attention, when a material needs special treatment.



One device for All

By using a scanner all warehouse functions can be executed on this one device. The scanner display allows to support the worker in his tasks even more.

 Features pickFinder Scanner

CONTROL all processes via one device


BASIC Features pickfinder

Technical Details

Datalogic wanted to handle long search times, material shortages and production stops.


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