PickFinder Sensor

The visual assistance system pickFinder Sensor functions with a horizontal sensor as picking detector and confirms picks automatically. The LED stripes above the storage locations display where and how many material to pick as well as the current process status. The worker is guided safe and simple through the picking process, what leads to an error rate of almost zero.

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Autom. Picking Confirmation

No more manual confirmation! pickFinder automatically detects each pick and reports the stock change to your WMS – as well as picking errors.


Gesture Control

Via gestures, functions can be executed directly on the shelf – without any device. Choose and change your functions to be implemented freely due to your individual needs!

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100% hands-free

Due to automatic picking confirmation via sensor, the worker has both hands free for picking and confirming a pick cannot be forgotten.



Intuitive process

The intuitive and simple design of pickFinder shortens the training time to a minimum and overcomes any language barriers.

 Features pickFinder Sensor

This is what makes pickFinder Sensor so special:


BASIC Features pickfinder:

Technical Details:

In use at DHL

DHL was looking for a reliable picking solution with highest demands on quality and productivity.


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