You want your material in the right place? No problem – whether for refillment or placement on trolleys. Our Put-to-Light solution guides you the way - quick & easy. Choose by yourself how to confirm the put.


no search time

Due to the display of the target locations, the workers immediately knows, where to put the material. No search time – maximum efficiency.

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All in right place

Whether material refillment or picking trolley – by means of a guided placement all material is in the right place.

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Our Put-to-Light solution is able to confirm process steps 100% hands-free (via sensor) or by the worker via tablet, scanner or scale.



stock management

If our Put-to-Light system is connected to the ERP/WMS, stocks are documented in real-time. Functions like automated replenishment are supported.

 Features put-to-light

Our Put-to-Light solution functions in the same way as our Pick-by-Light solutions – but instead of picking, material is placed somewhere. In this way you can assure that material is not placed in the wrong location (like: shit in - shit out). The placement on picking trolleys can be supported, too. This maximises the security (and quality) in the process, what leads to very low error rates and high customer satisfaction.

How the placement of material is confirmed, is up to you. We can offer the solution with sensor, scanner or scale. Also combination of confirmation options is possible, if your assortment or order compilation requires this.

Our put-to-light solution provides you all basic features of pickfinder:

Technical Details:

We are pleased to send you more information about our Pick-by-Light solutions. We will get in touch with you right away with an non-binding.